Fight human oppression

  • 1977

    The Landing

    A 6.20am on 12 April 1977 a spacecraft crash landed in the Irish Sea 10 miles from the Welsh coast. On board were 383 of our species. They had no memory of our origin planet or why they were on the craft (ARK). The humans sent their British Air Force to "welcome" us.

    Internment Camps

    For months after our arrival the humans kept us captive in 'Handling Centres' (internment camps) in North Wales. They ran tests on us and interrogated us. They spread rumours that the space craft (ARK) was a convict ship carrying criminals. The first of many slanders against our people. Eventually they realised what was obvious: we were no threat to them. On 2nd August 1977, the government released us with the promise of equal rights for aliens in the UK. Promises which turned out to be LIES.

  • 1980s

    Gang Violence

    Soon it became all too clear that aliens would never get justice in the UK. Violent gangs of humans targeted our kind, forcing us to band together to protect our families. Their media reported this as an uprising of "violent alien criminals".

  • 1990


    After more than a decade of neglect and persecution by the humans, 75% of alien males were unemployed, meaning crime and poverty were rife in Alien communities. The riots of February 1990 led to a decree by the human government: they were segregating us away from the human population.

    The Wall

    On 13 February, the humans allocated us a 2.8 square mile area that we now know as Troy. They then forced us to build the wall surrounding it ourselves. Over 85 brave conscientious objectors were sent to prison for refusing to build the wall in the first few months of 1990 alone.

  • 2016


    Today there are over 6,000 of us living inside Troy. Most of us live here permanently, while others cross the border daily to work for the humans. When we're on the human side they tag us with a yellow bracelet so humans can recognise us. Although Troy is a fully-functioning town with its own economy and it is our home, we are essentially prisoners.